Inner Healing Retreats aim at helping people to surrender their life’s painful memories and hurts for the healing touch of Jesus. We are referring to the painful memories of our past that cause deep emotional scars. Just beneath the surface and even deeper, our thoughts and emotions are recorded. They directly affect our view of life and our relationships. They affect the way we perceive God, others and ourselves.Many times these deep memories are not healed by general prayer, conversion or by psychiatric help. In order to fully heal and bring our lives into a more intimate relationship with Our Lord and Savior, these memories must be uncovered and healed by Jesus. Only He can bring full healing to those painful memories, even those we are not consciously aware of. We are set free to accept truth in our innermost being because it is Jesus who heals. As a result of the experience of inner healing, we are freed from anxiety, stress, anger, fear, un-forgiveness, etc. Our relationships with others improves and a greater intimacy with Christ ensues. In this retreat, each participant is given personal attention. Confession and Spiritual sharing would be available for everyone.